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Mobile WeighbridgePortable WeighbridgeElectronic Weighbridge

Mobile Weighbridge

Mobile weighbridge needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest

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Portable Weighbridge

Portable weighbridge is delivered to site complete with load cells and cabling already fitted

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Electronic Weighbridge

Technoweigh are manufacturer electronic weighbridge and

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Pitless Weighbridge



  • This type of weighbridge / Truckscale is most suitable where the excavation work for foundation is difficult or construction of pit is expensive. Since the structure is above ground level, vehicles can approach the weighbridge only from two directions where the ramps are provided. This type of weighbridge requires more space.



  • Costly Pit construction is eliminated.
  • Platform above ground level- No water logging during rainy season
  • Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.
  • Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.


Size and Capacities

Platform Size Capacity* Number of Load Cells
6 x 3 m 30t 4
7.5 x 3 m 30t/40t/50t 4
8 x 3 m 30t/40t/50t/60t 4
9 x 3 m 40t/50t/60t 4/6
10 x 3 m 50t/60t 4/6
12 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t 4
14 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 6
15 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 6
16 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 6/8
18 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 8
20 x 3 m 80t/100t 8/10
  • * Max. axle loads as per specs of Indian Road Congress
    * All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
    **Higher Capacities up to 200t also available

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