Various industries use a weighbridge scale. It is in use by industries dealing in heavy-duty transportation, such as mining, supplying agricultural material, construction work, logistics, etc.

A weighbridge also gives the exact weight of a heavy vehicle. It can be a truck, car, van, or trailer. Also, there are many types of weighbridges on the market. In this article, you’ll learn about a few of them.

  • Pit weighbridge
    These are weighbridges installed inside the ground. It is beneficial in places with less space. The low-profile design of this scale reduces the ramp length. Hence, the entry and exit areas of the weighing scale decrease. They are also the best because of their longevity.
    pitless weighbridge is on the complete opposite scale to the pit weighbridge.
  • Surface mount weighbridge
    You cannot dump it in a pit. Instead, it is laid straight on the ground. It usually requires a long ramp for the movement of the weighbridge. This scale is best for areas with huge spaces. Also, this scale is cheap and easy to install.
  • Portable Weighbridge
    A portable weighbridge can be carried anywhere easily. You can move it anywhere effortlessly. It is highly used by construction and mining businesses. It can also weigh heavy vehicles. This is great for you if you constantly deal with remote scaling.
  • Modular Weighbridge
    This is a weighbridge with many modules. These modules are attached to make a custom weighing scale. Hence, you can adjust and fit it in any area. Again, such weighbridges are appropriate for small spaces.
  • Alex Weighbridge
    It is a machine used to measure individual axles. This machine is used mostly for vehicles and to detect overloading issues.


In conclusion, weighbridges are important tools for industries and businesses. If you’re a business owner dealing with heavy vehicles, you need a portable weighbridge. You can select the best scale for your business and use it. Be it any kind of weighbridge, they all have their benefits. Techno Weigh provides the best weighbridge scales, including pitless weighbridge for all kinds of vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got limited or plenty of space.