Electronic Weighbridge

Electronic Weighbridge

Most electronic weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi make these weighbridges in different load-bearing capacities according to the weight needs of users. They will design them by keeping the weight of different loads in mind, ranging from 10 tons to 150 tons. They are also available in different sizes varying between 7.5 by 3 meters and 16 by 3 meters. Electronic weighbridges are available in both pit versions as well as pit-less versions.

Both pit versions, as well as pit-less versions of the best electronic weighbridges in India, are available with a robust and durable design. This is the reason that manufacturers design these weighbridges with rugged construction and incorporate them with heavyweight load cells. These design features provide the truck weighing scales with a long-lasting life. All electronic weighbridges will come equipped with built-in software, allowing users to achieve effective and efficient truck management. The software also helps them generate comprehensive reports according to the date and time with the vehicle number, materials loaded, name of the party, etc.

Platform Size Capacity Number of Load Cells
9 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t 4
10 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t 4
12 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 4/6
14 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 6
15 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t/100t 6
16 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 6
18 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 6
20 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 6/8



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