Portable Weighbridge

Portable Weighbridge

Portable weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi design the vehicle measuring scale with a plethora of features, allowing users to use the weighbridge according to their convenience and measuring needs. The design as well as the materials used to construct these weighbridges are less costly. However, these weighbridges need the construction of access ramps at both of their ends. Portable weighbridges will usually need more land area than other versions. This is for the reason that ramps on both of their sides need approximately the same length as their length.

The best portable weighbridges in India will usually be the perfectly designed automobile weight scales, which not only allow users to shift them easily and quickly. The design of the weighbridges also allows users to use and maintain them easily. The versatile design of the deck of these weighbridges allows them to use effectively in different operations, like logging, gravel, sand, construction, concrete batching, road building, and asphalt batching.

Safe overload 140 percent
Connect wire 20m
Rated Load 100T, 150Ton
Accuracy 10kg-20kg
Voltage Supply 220 V AC/50HZ
Size 3*14 M



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